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About Us

INSTEAD specializes in custom software design. The whole team is at your disposal to create and design your software solution adapted to your profession and your needs.

INSTEAD provides IT services for companies, maintenance, hardware and software solutions, and meets all your IT needs.

Our Services

Web Design &

In order to adapt to the needs of your customers, our engineers place at your disposal all their experience and know-how to create your website.

Desktop Apps

To optimize your work processes, ease internal charges and improve the user experience, we design desktop applications that suit your project's specific needs.

Mobile Apps

The mobility market is a strategic communications channel for companies. We will be in charge of developing the mobile application which gives a better exploitation of your project.

Video Games

Video Games are one of the leading media pillars in our era. At INSTEAD, we focus on using video games as a promotional motor for other businesses in the form of advergames, as well as creating our own products in order to materialize our vision in it.

VR Apps

Virtual Reality technology is one of the most promising technologies in the video games industry. At INSTEAD we really see the potential in this technology for countless fields of application.

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